So you’re new to yoga and are thinking about giving it a try? Well, you have come to exactly the right place. At Indaba we have a wide range of classes, workshops and courses especially for beginners and less experienced yogis, as well as a dedicated team of yoga advisors who are always on hand to help with any of your questions or concerns.

You can come and chat to us anytime at the studio, call us on 0207 7249994 or e-mail us on, but here are the basics of what you need to know about beginning your yoga journey at Indaba.

How much is a class?

What do I need to bring?

What should I wear?

Can I get changed at Indaba

I’m not flexible. Can I do yoga?

What if I have an injury/medical

What if I am pregnant?

Is there an age limit?

Which classes are best for me?

How much is a class?

If this is your first time visiting Indaba then you can sign up for our introductory offer which is £30 for 30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga. This is the perfect way for you to try out different classes and see what styles of yoga you prefer. After the 30 days are over, a drop in class is £16 and we have a variety of class packs available which give you a discounted rate for buying in bulk.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! The studio is fully equipped with all the mats and props you could possibly need in your class. If you fall in love with yoga and decide you would like to purchase your own, then you can do so in our studio shop.

What should I wear?

Something you feel comfortable in that allows you to move around freely – for you, this might mean something baggy and loose, or tight and stretchy. Sometimes it can get a bit hot during practice so something that keeps you cool is also recommended and maybe an extra layer to keep you warm during your class’ relaxation time.

We also have a wide range of both men’s and women’s yoga wear in the studio shop.

Yoga is practiced barefoot so just leave your shoes and socks at the door when you arrive.

Can I get changed at Indaba?

Yes you can! We have large changing rooms for men and women with lockers, showers, shampoo & conditioner and hairdryers so you can comfortably get yourself ready for/after class. You can also rent a fluffy white towel from reception – £1 for a small hand towel and £1.50 for a large shower towel.

I’m not flexible. Can I do yoga?

Absolutely. Saying you are too inflexible for yoga is like saying you are too dirty for a shower!
Yoga helps build flexibility so it is perfect for you! It’s a great way of creating space and ease in your body and is an amazing compliment to other sporting activities.

What if I have an injury/medical condition?

You should always consult your doctor first and foremost and when you get to class please inform the teacher before it starts. If you have any concerns then just pop in for a chat or give our Yoga Advisors a call on 0207 724 994 and they can help you to choose the best class for your condition. You may also like to book a Private Yoga Class or two to work one-to-one with a teacher who will help you understand how to adapt your Yoga practice to accommodate for your injury.

What if I am pregnant?

You should always consult your doctor before attending a class. We have a Prenatal Course every Tuesday at 6.15pm-7.30pm which is recommended from week 14 until birth. You will need to book in advance for this four week course (online, over the phone 0207 724 994 or in the studio). Restorative classes may also suitable.
If you are an expectant mother, always let reception and your teacher know before class. Our Yoga Advisors at the front desk may be able to offer other classes suitable to your individual needs. Pop in for a chat, ring on 0207 7249994 or email

Is there an age limit?

Yoga is for everyone. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please always inform our Yoga Advisors if someone under 16 is hoping to attend a class so we can check that the teacher is happy to have a youngster attend their class.
We offer discounts to Senior Yogis for whom there is no upper age limit. Some of the most famous yogis including B.K.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois were practicing in their 90s!

Which classes are best for me?

We have a variety of classes perfectly tailored to beginners or those who have not had much yoga experience. We offer dedicated beginners classes and yoga basics workshops and courses. Yin and Unwind & Release classes are very slow paced and relaxing so ideal for any practitioner and the majority of our other classes are open level (this is stated on the timetable), so if you’re willing to give things a try and see how they go, then our teachers are always happy to have you in these classes.

So that just about covers the basics, if there’s anything you’re still unsure about then check our FAQ page, pop by for a chat, give us a call on 0207 7249994 or e-mail We very much look forward to helping you get started!


Brief introduction to Beginners Yoga

Embark on your yoga journey in a nurturing and informative environment. You will practice alongside those of similar ability so there is no need for nerves! No need to bring anything, just your bare feet, comfy and loose fitting clothing along with a willing attitude!

What you can expect from this class

These classes will introduce you to the central postures of yoga, their names and correct alignment principles. You will the learn the breathing techniques while strengthening your body, increasing mobility, building your confidence and opening your mind. Expect to leave both energised and at ease in body and mind. We strongly advise new students attend Beginners classes or our 6 week Basics courses so you can learn the fundamentals of yoga in a safe atmosphere.

Beginners classes

Monday 10am-11.30am Beginners Yoga
Tuesday 6pm-7pm Beginners Yoga
Wednesday 10am-11.30am Beginners Yoga
Sunday 10.45am-12.15pm Beginners Yoga

Beginners teachers

Introduction to Dharma Yoga

Brief introduction to Dharma Yoga

This is a wonderful introduction to the teachings of beloved yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, one of the most experienced and devoted yogis of our time.

What you can expect from this class

Explore the basic principles of Dharma Yoga including the opening sequence, as well as stationary poses, breathing and relaxation techniques. This class will include clear detailed instruction on how to integrate body and breath to improve balance, access deep twists, open the shoulders and chest for backbends and eventually work towards stability in inversions.

Introduction to Dharma Yoga classes

Saturday 1.30pm-2.30pm

Introduction to Dharma Yoga teachers

Yin Yoga

Brief introduction to Yin Yoga

Enter into a deep state of relaxation and release. Melt away your worries and create space in your body, mind and life.

What you can expect from this class

In this subtle yet profound practice, you will develop inner awareness and serenity as you ease into reclined or seated postures. Holding these healing and prop-supported poses for 3 minutes or more will open the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints, unravelling areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice can not always access. Observe your feelings without identifying with them as you move into stillness, peace and attentiveness.

Yin Yoga classes

Thursday 7.45pm-9.15pm

Yin Yoga teachers

Yoga Basics Course

Brief introduction to Basics Course

We offer beginners courses for those embarking on their yoga journey. With only 8 students enrolled on each course, this an intimate learning environment, perfect for asking questions and building confidence.

What you can expect from Basics Course

Our 6 week beginners courses focuses on building a basic knowledge of the yoga postures while improving body awareness and breath control. Each week new postures and principles will be introduced, while strengthening your body, increasing mobility and opening your mind. Expect to leave both energized and at ease in body and mind.

Yoga Basics Course classes

Monday 7pm-8.30pm (6 week course)
Tuesday 7.15pm-8.45pm (6 week course)

Yoga Basics Course teachers