Ancestral Healing with Susan Rozo

April 7, 2017
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March 28, 2017
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April 20, 2017
Susan Rozo is a sound alchemist, ancestral healer and medicine woman. For the past fifteen years she has been researching and building on the knowledge passed down to her through her Incan and Amazonian heritage, using sound, light, plants and ancient healing techniques to help people to embark on inner exploration and ultimately find alignment within the self and the world around us.
On Sunday 16th April she will be commencing an Ancestral healing course at Indaba. Taking place over 3 weeks she will be using sound, light and breath to help participants self-heal and restore flow and balance to their mind and body.

But for anyone new to Susan’s work, what does this actually mean and why is it necessary?

All of Susan’s knowledge and techniques root back to the Shamanist traditions of the Americas and their ultimate belief that everything, from humans to animals and plants to rocks, are intrinsically linked by a shared connection and intelligence.

Within our cells and DNA, we have stored, all of the past knowledge and experience of our ancestors and those that have gone before us as well as a link to the universal consciousness that surrounds us. With the right techniques, we can delve inwards to access this ancestral resource and intrinsic connection.

The foundation of the ability to tap into this inner knowledge, is our connection to mother nature, something that as a modern society we are growing further and further apart from.

By strengthening your connection to nature, and opening the passage into your ancestral knowledge, Susan can help you to work through fears, phobias, grief, physical or emotional pain, or just begin to cement your connection to this greater knowledge, ultimately helping you to find balance and peace, enabling you to live wholly in the here and now.

Over the three week course, Susan will be using breathing techniques, guided meditation as well as sound and light to provide you with the tools to begin exploring your connection to nature and your ancestral knowledge embedded within your mind and body.

This will be a process of self-healing, in which Susan will provide you with the tools and the guidance to independently explore these internal pathways.

The sessions will have a maximum of just 10 students, and will take the form of a group meditation. In the first session, she will introduce and familiarise you with the different techniques that she uses. Over the subsequent classes, she will help you to delve deeper into your innate ancestral memories, enabling you to use these now familiar techniques to move deeper through the layers of mental and physical patterning and addressing anything that might surface along the way.

As well as helping you to move past emotional and physical pain, this course is for anyone who just wants to go a step further than their regular asana practice, and begin to explore their connection to the world and collective consciousness around them.

At the end of the three weeks you will have made the first steps towards achieving this self mastery and inner balance, and have all the tools to continue the journey.

The course will be running every Sunday from 16th April - 30th April from 12 - 2pm. It is £120 for all three sessions.

As well as the Ancestral healing course, Susan will also be hosting a Cacao Blue Lotus Sound Ceremony on 14th April, in which she will be using the natural powers of the cacao plant to help rebuild your connection to nature. And on 26th May, she will be hosting a Sound & Colour Light Alchemy Activation Workshop, to help align your self with the universal rhythm around you.

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