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On 29th June, Dylan Werner will be returning to Indaba for a 30 hour advanced teacher training (his only London teacher training this year!) and a masterclass for teachers and students alike!
Hailing from the mountains of Southern California, Dylan comes from a background of martial arts, rock climbing and wrestling. After finding yoga in 2001, he finally began teaching in 2011 after 10 years of advanced movement training. Since then he has been teaching students and teachers across the globe and has become renowned for his inversion and arm balance methods.

Upon his return to Indaba, he will be teaching a 30 hour advanced teacher training on Anatomy Alignment and the Art of Assists. This will be over the course of 4 full days between 29th June and 2nd July. For Dylan fans who aren’t teachers, he will also be hosting a master class on Saturday 1st July open to all practitioners.


In the training Dylan will begin by giving you a solid understanding the foundations of asana and movement from an anatomical and kinesiological base.

In the anatomy portion, he will be covering muscle intelligence and strength recruitment and looking at different types of force and tensions as applied to the joints under mobility vs. stability, fascia and the fascial lines of the body and tensegrity.

From this anatomical basis you will learn to adapt postures to fit the individual student. Taking a pose and an understanding of how and why teachers manipulate the student in the pose, Dylan will show several different methods of how to take students deeper, and how to do this safely.

The training has been developed on the basis that touch is one of the most powerful forms of connection and that it should never be taken lightly. Yoga teachers have a rare opportunity to be able to connect with so many students through touch. It gives them a chance to transmit positive and healing energy, move a student from an unsafe position to a safe one, and to take them deeper into their practice. As the teacher, you should become another set of eyes for the student, allowing them to go to places they can’t necessarily feel or see with their own body.

The course will be taking place between 8am - 8.30pm on Thursday 29th June - Sunday 2nd July. It’s £600 and participants will also receive a 20% discount on the Masterclass.


Dylan's Masterclass will be a playful and dynamic vinyasa flow designed to energise the body and bring mindfulness into your movements. Through strong core work, delicious hip openers, backbends and forward folds, he will help you to work into the innermost layers of the body to find fluidity and stability in handstands and arm balances, and delve deeper into soothing stretches. There will be many modifications and alternatives offered to suit every practitioner.

The masterclass is taking place on Saturday 1st July 5pm - 8pm and is £35.

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