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March 8, 2017
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This October we are very excited to teaming up with senior teacher, Amanda Denton, to host the very first Indaba Retreat. We will be travelling to the 'Land of Smiles' otherwise known as Thailand, for ten days of 10 days of luxury, relaxation, culture, culinary delight and of!
Between 1st - 10th October, we will be spending 8 nights in a secluded eco resort, and 1 night in a floating retreat centre - both nestled amongst the rice paddies and mountains of Northern Thailand, just outside of Chiang Mai.

Combining the sublime natural beauty of Thailand, with beautiful, fresh and organic cuisine, luxurious accommodation with a stunning pool and herbal steam room and a complete yoga package - including Dynamic, Restorative and Yin practice with daily meditation and Yoga Nidra - this retreat is designed to restore and rejuvenate.


We will begin and end our Thailand adventure in a simple yet indulgent Eco Resort. Hidden away in the rice paddies surrounding Chiang Mai - Thailand's calm and blissful northern capital - the resort is made up of a cluster of private villas and a shared dorm.

There are two open air shalas where your daily practices will be taking place, along with an idyllic saltwater pool and herbal steam sauna complete with edible body scrub! Nearby there are natural hot springs where you are free to take a dip whenever you please and there are therapists on-site to provide in-villa Thai massage. All the food is included and each meal is lovingly prepared featuring organic ingredients straight from the resort's own farm.


In the middle of your stay, we will take an overnight trip to the breathtaking Sri Lanna National Park for a day of yoga, relaxation and exploration on a magical floating retreat centre.

You will begin your day with a yoga class overlooking the water followed by time for swimming and relaxing and visits to local markets and stunning Buddhist temples.

Accomodation at the centre will be in rustic, but extremely comfortable, dorm-style accommodation with a private chef and open air dining. After one night and one full day at this once in a lifetime location we will be heading back to the Eco Resort to enjoy the rest of the retreat.


Amanda Denton is one of Indaba's senior teachers. Initially trained as a contemporary dancer at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, she turned her attention to the healing after a riding accident, qualifying in Massage and Aromatherapy.

The practice of yoga enabled her to come to terms with her injury, both mentally and physically. After qualifying as a Sivananda teacher in 2002 she studied many diverse yoga practices expanding her knowledge and teaching. These included Yogasana with Stewart Gilchrist, Kundalini yoga with Nidhan Kaur, chakra vinyasa with Shiva Rea, Tapasya Hot Yoga with Kristin Campbell and more recently Anatomy of the Bhandas and Entering The Bloodstream with Tias Little.

Renowned for her fiery and challenging Yogasana classes at Indaba yoga, Amanda will be teaching her signature style and much more whilst on the retreat, using the 10 days to explore not just the physical but the mental and spiritual facets of yoga.
A typical day will begin with an optional early morning meditation in which Amanda will give you the opportunity to experience Kundalini, Zen and Trataka.

This will then be followed by a two hour Yogasana class - a vigorously invigorating Vinyasa flow, deeply physical but also spiritual with plenty of hands on adjustments.

After a day of food, relaxation and/or adventure, Amanda will be leading evening classes in Restorative, Yin and Hatha Yoga as well as Chandra Namaskar, with extra posture clinics throughout the 10 days. This will all be brought to a close with a nightly Yoga Nidra.

Amanda's aim is to use her wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with a totally immersive yoga experience, allowing you to deepen your understanding of your practice, body and self in a truly unforgettable setting.


Option 1 - Dorm Accommodation - £1,599 p.p.

The dorm will be a brand new loft style bamboo building with a grass roof overlooking the paddies. Split over two floors, one for men and one for women, with a curtain to separate each bed, they will provide a comfortable experience for participants with spectacular views. The dorms have high ceilings, a sleeping loft, separate accessible shared bathrooms, and easy access to all of the other facilities at the resort. This simple accommodation is getting back to the basics in the most authentic way possible.

Option 2 - Shared Villa - £1,999 p.p.

The Eco Resort is made up of 6 villas, each with their own charm and character. They are Adobe (mud blocks) earthen villas with air conditioning, private bathroom and living space. You can share a villa with a friend or partner, or use the opportunity to make a new friend and let us pair you up with one of your fellow retreaters.

Option 3 - Singe Villa - £2,998 p.p.

If you would prefer the privacy of your own villa then we ask for a singe supplement of £999 in addition to the cost of a Shared Villa.
To reserve your spot we require a £500 non-refundable deposit, and the payment of the full outstanding amount is due by 1st July 2017.

What's Included

- Accommodation

- All Yoga

- Meals at the eco resort and floating retreat

- One day and night trip and stay in the floating retreat centre

- Airport transfers

What's not included

- Flights to or from Thailand

- Any treatments like Thai Massage

- Food or meals outside the resorts

To book your spot or get more information, e-mail

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