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Where do I begin?
We have experienced in-house Yoga Advisors to help you find the perfect class for your specific needs. They can tell you all about our classes, teachers, workshops, courses and treatments.
If you are unsure of your entry level or what style of yoga you should investigate, please give us a call (0207 7249994) or send us an email (! Alternatively, just pop into the studio to have a look around and enjoy a cup of organic tea on the house. We’ll give you the full tour and put your mind at ease.
If you haven’t practiced Yoga before, try our Beginners Classes, Mysore Classes or Beginners Courses.

Do you have a discount for first-timers?
If this is your first class at Indaba, you can sign up to our Introductory Offer: £30 for 30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga! What a peachy way to try out our classes and teachers!
The Introductory Offer is available to you if you have attended a workshop, course or treatment at Indaba but have yet to try your first class!


What do the different classes involve?
Want to find out more about the styles of yoga we offer then check out our Classes page or talk to our Yoga Advisors either at the front desk, over the phone on 0207 7249994 or via email at

What do I need to bring? Do I need a mat and what should I wear?
Indaba has communal mats, which are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every class. Props such as bricks, blocks, bolsters and straps are provided to support you if you are new to yoga, if you have any injuries or like to modify your practice.

Shoes and socks are not worn when practicing yoga. Wear comfortable clothing, that you can move and stretch in. You may get hot so perhaps you want to wear something that will keep you cool, but bring something to keep you warm when you slow down in relaxation.

Can I eat before a yoga class?
Yoga can be uncomfortable when practicing on a full stomach. Try to eat at least 2 hours before a class. If you need to eat closer to the class, a light snack such a banana, energy bar or juice should be fine.


Indaba has heavenly showers with organic shampoos and conditioners. You can rent a fluffy towel at reception (£1.50 for large/shower towel, £1 for small/hand towel). Hair dryers are provided. We have a lift for those who need it.

Where can I leave my stuff?
We have plenty of lockers in the changing rooms. Just insert a pound coin and Bobs your uncle! You get the coin back once you have finished with the locker.
We ask that you don’t take your belongings into the studios or leave them in the reception area. We cannot take responsibility for your stuff so please lock it away.

Do you offer massage, treatments or healing at Indaba?
We sure do! Check out our Treatments page, ring us on 0207 7249994 or email

Do you offer Privates classes?
Indeed we do, Private Yoga Classes are perfect for a thorough and individually-tailored introduction to the practice. Please call our Yoga Advisors on 0207 7249994 or email to discuss the options available to you.


Which classes will be appropriate for me?
Our Yoga Advisors will help you find the perfect class to suit your specific needs. They can tell you about our timetable, teachers, workshops, courses and treatments.
If you are unsure of your entry level or what style of yoga you should try, please give us a call (0207 7249994) or pop us an email (! Alternatively, just pop into the studio to have a look around and enjoy a cup of organic tea on the house. We’ll give you the full tour and put your mind at ease.
If you haven’t practiced Yoga before, try our Beginners Classes or Courses.

What if I have an injury or medical condition?
Always consult your doctor first and please inform the teacher before the class starts. Feel free to contact us so we can direct you to the classes that are more injury friendly. You may also like to book a Private Yoga Class or two to work one-to-one with a teacher who will help you understand how to adapt your Yoga practice to accommodate for your injury.

What if I am pregnant?
Always consult your doctor before attending a class. We have a Prenatal Course every Thursday at 6pm-7.30pm which is recommended from week 14 until birth. You will need to book in advance for this four week course.
If you are an expectant mother, always let reception and your teacher know before class. Our Yoga Advisors at the front desk may be able to offer other classes suitable to your individual needs.

Is there an age limit?
Yoga is for everyone, however, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please always inform our Yoga Advisors if someone under 16 is hoping to attend a class so we can check that the teacher is happy to have a youngster attend their class.

There is no upper age limit on yoga. Some of the most famous yogis including B.K.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois were practicing in their 90s!

I’m not flexible. Can I do yoga?
Absolutely. Saying you are too inflexible for yoga is like saying you are too dirty for a shower!


Do you provide Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga?
We offer Hot Yoga at Indaba. We heat our downstairs studio – Scirocco – with eco-friendly water-panels. The temperature reaches between 30 and 35 degrees.
This is not as hot as Bikram Yoga. In Bikram Yoga, the sequence is the same each time, where as the sequence will vary each time at Indaba. This encourages you and your body to adapt to new challenges!
Our hot classes include morning and lunch-time Hot Power Hour every day of the week, at every Saturday and Sunday morning. Forrest Yoga as well as Space and Flow are also heated.

How can I learn more about the Philosophy of Yoga?
This will be referred to in a number of our classes, most notably in Jivamukti Yoga.

How do I improve my understanding of the postures and my alignment within them?
This is the main focus of Beginners Classes or Iyengar Yoga.

I want to try advanced postures. Which classes shall I try?
In Dharma Yoga, you will explore arm balances, inversions (headstands, handstands, fore-arm balances), backbends. You will also work on these in Rocket Yoga and in many of our dynamic classes.
Attending workshops and courses is a great way to improve your practice and work on advanced poses. Here the postures will be explored through different techniques and broken down into preparatory poses, strengthening drills and flexibility exercises. It is a great way to focus on specific parts of your practice.
Iyengar Yoga can also help you advance postures. When you have a good understanding of the alignment principles that underpin the key postures, you can apply these to more challenges poses and learn to hold your body correctly in these asanas.

I want to slow down and relax. What shall I try?
Well then, Yin-Yoga or Unwind & Release yoga is for you!


Do I need to book? For a class? Workshop? Course? Treatment?
We have spacious studios so it is normally ok to drop-in to a class and pay when you arrive. But you may need to book in advance for some of our busier classes (in particular our Yogasana classes).
Courses and Workshops need to be booked in advance. You can book online, in the studio or over the phone.
Treatments and Therapies also need to be booked in advance and can be arranged in the studio, over the phone or via email ( All treatments, courses and workshops must be paid for in advance.

How do I pay for class? Do you have class packs?
You can pay for a single drop-in class when you arrive. Or you can purchase a class pack if you want to save! Check out our Prices page for more details.


What is the best class pack for me?
Check out our Prices page to see our range of Class Packs and to see which one would be best for you, based on the regularity with which you visit the studio.

Can I share my class passes?
You can not share class passes or packs. You can however buy a pass for someone else.

Are there discounts available?
Check out our Prices page to find out if you are eligible for a discount.

I’m short of funds. Can I help out in exchange for classes?
Absolutely! Join our Karma Yoga team and help out around the studio in exchange for classes. Find out more and express your interest by emailing

Can I extend my class pack?
If your Flexible Class Pack has expired, you may re-activate any unused classes from that series for 4 additional weeks commencing at the time of payment. The charge for this is £10. You may extend your pack up to 1 month after expiration. You may only extend your pack once.


How do I get to Indaba?
Check out our Contact page for details on how to find us.

Can I drive my car or scooter?
We are NOT in the congestion zone! Yippee!
Pay and display is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm. Spots are limited so be sure to leave enough time to find somewhere to leave your car. There are spots available on Church and Broadley Street and West of Lisson Grove.
There is free parking on single yellow lines on Saturday and Sunday.
Scooter and motorbike parking is on Harewood avenue and on the east side of Marylebone station. Please don’t park your scooter (or car) on the pavement in front of the studio as you will get a ticket!

What about my bicycle?
There is bicycle parking on Lisson Grove and Harewood Avenue.


Do you sell food or drink?
Of course! We sell nutritious beverages and snacks – perfect for a light pre-practice snack or post-practice refueling!

Do you sell cool yoga stuff?
Oh yes! We proudly stock a wide range of yoga wear from many different brands. There are clothes available for both men and women. We have lots of yoga related goodies from books, to props and neti pots!


Indaba means ‘gathering’. Perfectly located in Central London, we’ve gathered a wide range of the city’s most talented teachers and built a community of yogis. In the welcoming atmosphere of this beautiful space we’ve created what we believe is the ultimate yoga studio!


Yoga is a practice that originated in India over 2,500 years ago. Written in Sanskrit, the ancient texts describe it as a practice that will still the turbulence of mind that will, over time and with practice, create greater calm, contentment and mental clarity. There are many ways in which Yoga can be practiced to achieve this. In the Western world this usually involves a physical practice. By putting the body in various poses (asanas) and bringing awareness to breath, Yoga will quieten the body and mind.
At Indaba we sell many books that discuss both the history, philosophy and application of Yoga. It’s fascinating and learning more will really enhance your practice!

What are the benefits of practising yoga?
Regular practice of yoga poses or asanas will increase stamina, strength and flexibility, helping you feel happier and healthier in body and mind!

Who is yoga suitable for?
Yoga is open to everyone—young or old, flexible or stiff, men and women, sporty or deskbound.

Is Yoga a religion?
Although there are spiritual elements to yoga, yoga is not a religion and does not require you to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs. It will however help you to think about your way of life and enable you to leave with greater peace and calm.

Will I lose weight?
With practice, Yoga will improve your strength, flexibility, health and well-being. And your mind will stop weighing you down, surely that’s more important?


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