List of practitioners

Leo Cosendai

Within each of his sound healing sessions, Leo’s gentle and open nature allows him to hold a space in which you can ease into a state of peace, joy and stillness. As a Prana Kriya Yoga teacher and keen reader of essays on yogic literature, he believes in the ancient Sanskrit and Vedic traditions which state that Sound is the beginning and the cause of the universe, the essence of life.
Leo is a keen researcher and inventor, currently teaming up with some of Switzerland’s finest young scientists to lead experiments on cymatics – the science and study of sound waves.

“London’s foremost gong master” -The Times

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy creates a more united, balanced and rejuvenated sense of well-being. Each cell in the body communicates and participates in the vibrational orchestra that co-creates every level of one's being. Pressure is applied to the body’s reflexology points to encourage its self healing mechanisms. See more


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