Agata Gazda

Agata went to her first Astanga class eleven years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Practicing daily with her teacher, Hamish Hendry, Agatha also frequently travels to Mysore, India, to practice with Sharath Jois.

Over these eleven years, Agatha has deepened her practice on both a physical and mental level. Learning how to use breath while moving was and still is an amazing discovery to her and she finds deep happiness, relaxation and clarity of mind through her practice, all of which she uses to manage the challenges of day to day life.

As a teacher, Agata’s intention is to share these aspects of yoga with her students. She provides a space that allows them to welcome whatever arises during their practice whilst feeling safe and understood. Her style is traditional, but in a way that is safe and fun.


Agata's Classes

Monday & Tuesday 6.30am-9am Mysore Style Astanga Yoga

Amanda Denton

Amanda’s classes are a breathing, moving mediation, enriched by her kindness and wisdom. She teaches yoga as an uninterrupted flow of mindfulness and concentration, embracing the eight limbs of Patanjali Yoga. Amanda believes that kindness to the self and others is fundamental to the practise of yoga, and far supercedes perfection in the asana. Her popular and vigorous classes are tailored to each individual’s level and her many students enjoy her light hearted, but devoted, detailed and informed practice. Her classes will challenge you but leave you serene and fulfilled.

Amanda trained as a contemporary dancer at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, but turned her attention to the healing arts after a riding accident, qualifying in Massage and Aromatherapy. The practice of Yoga enabled her to come to terms with her injury, both mentally and physically. After qualifying as a Sivananda teacher in 2002 she studied many diverse yoga practices expanding her knowledge and teaching. These included Yogasana with Stewart Gilchrist, Kundalini yoga with Nidhan Kaur, chakra vinyasa with Shiva Rea, Tapasya Hot Yoga with Kristin Campbell and more recently Anatomy of the Bhandas and Entering The Bloodstream with Tias Little. Amanda became a senior registered yoga with (SYT) with Yoga Alliance in 2013 and assisted on Teacher Trainings led by Stewart Gilchrist.


Amanda's Classes

Thursday 7.45pm-9.15pm Yogasana
Wednesday 7.45-9.15pm Yogasana
Saturday 5pm-6.30pm Yogasana
Sunday 4.30pm-5pm Meditation (Free)
Sunday 5pm-6.30pm Yogasana

Andy Kobelinsky

Andy cartwheeled her way around the world with Argentina’s gymnastics team before settling in London 17 years ago. She’s been practicing yoga ever since and 5 years ago decided to train as a teacher. She has trained with many great teachers such as David Swanson and Biff Mithoefer.  

Her classes focus on breath work and alignment, as well as restorative yin yoga elements, but mainly aim to be fun and enjoyable whilst giving you the motivation to greatly improve your practice.  Prepare to sweat, stretch, relax, laugh and breathe. Andy’s Yoga playlists are legendary as is her love of glitter and her secret box of sparkly festival catsuits.


Andy's Classes

Monday 7.30am-8.30am Hot Power Hour
Saturday 10am-11am Beginners Yoga

Angad Kaur

Angad has an uplifting, inclusive approach that supports people to find their excellence in life, reflecting the efficient, dynamic nature of Kundalini Yoga. She is a KRI Professional Teacher Trainer and runs Level 1 courses in the UK. She has travelled extensively with her spiritual teacher, Shiv Charan Singh, studying numerology, counselling and deepening her knowledge of the multi-faceted diamond of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

After working in the art world for 25 years, Angad continues to mentor artists and understands how this ancient yogic practice awakens innate creativity, empowering people to fulfill their potential, whatever their calling. Her talks and workshops explore life themes and personalized sessions incorporate Yoga Therapy and numerology to support meaningful life transitions and general wellbeing.


Angad's Classes

Wednesday 7.45-9.15pm Kundalini Yoga

Antonia Ptohides

Through her energetic and fun Pilates classes, our playful Antonia shares her passion for building core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to promote spinal alignment and freedom in movement. She welcomes individuals of all levels of experience to classes as her approach lends itself to all levels of physical fitness and to all ages.
Antonia came to Pilates through her training as a professional dancer. Having being introduced to Ballet aged 4, she held numerous leading roles in her six years as a member of the youth ballet. Graduating from the State School of Athens as a professional Dancer and Dance Teacher in 2009, Antonia earned a scholarship to study for an MA in Movement Studies at London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. From here she went on to become a certified instructor (Level 3), specialising in rehabilitation, equipment and mat work.


Antonia's Classes

Weekdays (except Thursday) 12.45pm-1.30pm Pilates

Charlie Merton

Charlie trained in Yoga with Sivananda in 2011 after over a decade of self practice, she now teaches, Yin, hatha, alignment based flow & restorative. She is a certified Yin teacher having completed several trainings with Norman Blair & Sarah Powers and a certified Relax & Renew Restorative Teacher through her study with Judith Lasater. She has also completed training in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and a 200 hour Kirtan leadership course with Nikki Slade.

As a life-long trumpet player, Charlie has had a strong relationship with the power of breath. So, it is not surprising that her yoga classes pay particular attention to the experience of breath and body with time taken in each class to deepen this powerful connection and exploring different patterns of breath. 

As a size 14 yoga teacher, she is adept at making the practice accessible for all shapes and sizes and teaches workshops for bigger bodies.


Charlie's Classes

Monday 7.45-9.15pm
Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Clare Connolly

Clare is an enthusiastic vinyasa flow teacher and passionately shares the powerful benefits of yoga through her playful teachings. Also a dancer, actress in the West End, and meditation coach, Clare has been practicing yoga since 2003. In 2008 she became a qualified Dharma Mittra Yoga instructor training with the great master himself in NYC. And now teaches all over London.

The graceful yet super strong sequences that you’ll find in Clare’s class are intelligently designed to aid strength, flexibility, health and overall well-being not only in the body, but also in the mind. Think of her classes as a moving, breathing meditation… cosmic hey?! As a teacher Clare aims to inspire confidence in everyone who steps through the door. Whatever level you are, YOU are welcome, from absolute beginner to advanced. Be prepared for alignment instruction, lots of variations to challenge you and to take you deeper into your practice or even upside down! She loves an inversion! Be prepared to work hard and then totally surrender and bliss out.

After Clare’s class you should expect to feel uplifted yet completely calm, restored and focused. Give it a try!


Clare's Classes

Tuesday 7.30am-8.30am Hot Power Hour
Wednesday 12.30-1.30pm Hot Power Hour
Saturday 1.30pm-2.30pm Hot Power Hour

David Kam

David’s joyous classes reflect his wonderfully non-linear journey as a movement artist, offering space and time for creative exploration and freedom of expression as pillars which will liberate you from anticipating definitive, prescribed solutions. Known for his indulgence in creative sequencing towards addressing every corner of the body and mind, David invites you to appreciate the poetics of the in-between to inspire grace and sensitivity in movement through the influence of imagery. David actively shares his ever evolving practice with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad, empowering you to rediscover your inner athletic artists. 

Find him @davidkamkw or

David’s Classes

A poetic invitation to lead our own path of enquiry in practice. As a community, we will explore asana beyond their blueprints of alignment and movement, ultimately learning to move from a place of freedom and integrity. This creative class is set to immersive music in a matless context, suitable for experienced practitioners ready to explore the unfamiliar. We will be playing with the multidimensional possibilities of movement to our desired scales of expression, developing coordination and overall mobility.

David’s matless class on a Wednesday, takes the practice outside of the confides of the mat. First timers might want to bring knee pads!


David's Classes

Wednesday 4-5.30pm (Matless)
Friday 9.30-10.45am

Elisa Devlin

Incorporating a sound knowledge of anatomy and drawing upon her BA in Maharishi Vedic Science, Elisa provides a challenging and safe class environment for all levels. She fuses various styles of yoga and core strengthening exercises into the classes to provide you with a continuously evolving practice.
Elisa believes Yoga is for everyone and that it trains the body, heart and mind to be strong and flexible. Asanas are the external play, the inner work is the most rewarding. She encourages you to explore the relationship you have with yourself as it will open doors to how you view the world and bring you a happier, healthier, more balanced life.


Elisa's Classes

Wednesday 12.30pm-1.30pm Hot Power Hour
Saturday 8.30am-9.30am Hot Power Hour

Ellie Di Martino

A Forrest, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yoga Nidra teacher, Ellie loves how yoga can change our outlook on daily life, leaving us stronger, happier and more connected to our true selves. She believes that what we do on the mat should benefit the rest of our lives and vice versa.

As we change week by week so do Ellie’s classes and intentions, led with a strong emphasis on breath, core, flowing movements and integrity she encourages her students to go deep inside connecting back to their spirit.

With a warm, grounded and inclusive attitude, she strives to make everyone in the class feel welcome and comfortable . Encouraging a non-competitive nature, playfulness and exploration within each movement and breath, Ellie is known for her long holds and hands on assists. She creates a space for her students to look deep within, freeing them to heal both emotionally and physically.

She is also a qualified level 2 Reiki practitioner.


Ellie's Classes

Saturday 11.45am-1.15pm

Emi Tull

Emi Takahashi Tull is a dedicated Dharma Yoga teacher with both 200h and 500h Dharma Yoga teacher certificates. Most of her life has been involved in one physical discipline or another: including ballet, martial arts and yoga. Her classes incorporate challenging Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa. She pays careful attention to the students’ individual needs and gives adjustments, variations and modifications to help them deepen their practice physically, mentally and spiritually. She offers other yogic techniques including chanting and pranayama to lead students towards true goal of yoga.

Emi hopes that students feel equality, compassion and peace thorough her classes. She is honoured to share the knowledge she has gained through yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra and her earlier life.


Emi's Classes

Tuesday 7.45-9.15pm Dharma Yoga
Friday 5.30-6pm Pranayama
Friday 6.15-7.45pm Dharma Yoga
Saturday 2.45-4.45pm Masterclass

Harriet Bone

Harriet’s dynamic Jivamukti classes are imbued with her warmth and kindness, creating a space in which you can explore the many aspects of yoga and find grounding through the asana practice. During her creative sequences, Harriet offers many variations making her classes accessible to all, from beginners through to those looking for a challenge. With hands-on assists, she will enable you to move deeper into the postures and experience the poses with greater awareness.
Harriet first came to yoga whilst training in dance, finding that asana brought a sense of clarity and calm to an overworked body and mind. Drawn further into the practice, the philosophy and meditation both challenged and supported her. When she moved to London she discovered the Jivamukti method and was immediately taken by this integrated method. Dedicated to the practice and disciple of Yoga, Harriet has studied closely with Emma Henry, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari and Patrick Broome.

Harriet's Classes

Thursday 4-5.30pm

Helen Russell-Clark

Helen will guide you through a powerful, playful practice grounded in yogic philosophy that will leave you feeling energised and hopefully with a smile on your face.
Helen began practicing yoga initially to start moving and keep fit, however she soon discovered the amazing benefits for both body and mind. Soon yoga became an integral part of her life to alleviate anxiety and stress.Despite being a person of a naturally low energy, these days she tends to opt for the more dynamic practice to find a little balance. Initially training for her 200YTT with Yogahaven, she has also trained 100 hours in Rocket Yoga with David Kyle and 100 hours in Mandala Vinyasa with The Yoga People.


Helen's Classes

Thursday 7.45-9.15pm

Hortense Suleyman

Hortense’s playful, creative and humorous classes are inspired by her interest in a myriad of different styles of yoga. Having discovered her passion for the practice on a trip to India in the mid 90s, she has since travelled the globe to get her ‘fix’ both as a teacher and student. Her teaching is relaxed yet firm and she trusts that the benefits of yoga are both mental and physical. Inspired by movement, Hortense also practices acrobatics and flying trapeze!
Trained as a Dharma Mittra, Forrest and Bikram yoga teacher, her dynamic and flowing Hot Power Hour classes are a beautifully rounded fusion of systems. Her speciality and greatest love is for inversions and all its cousins so be sure to check out her three-week Handstand Courses for all the tricks of the trade!


Hortense's Classes

Tuesday 12.30pm-1.30pm Hot Power Hour
Friday 12.30pm-1.30pm Hot Power Hour

Alternating 3 week courses:
Saturdays 10.30-11.45am
Handstand Focus Level One, Handstand Focus Level Two
(Details on Workshops page)

Isobel Palmer

Isobel is passionate about enabling exploration and enjoyment of movement. No matter who you are, everyone can experience Pilates and its profound physical effects. Through Isobel’s classes you’ll enjoy growing stronger both on and off the mat!
Isobel has a background in movement and performance, with an MA in Movement Studies. She has worked as a Movement Director and Choreographer for a number of theatre and West End shows. It was her passion for Pilates throughout her movement career that lead her to train as an instructor with the highly regarded Pilates Foundation.

Isobel's Classes

Thursday 12.45-1.30pm

Jessica Puglie

Jessica teaches with great kindness and finds genuine joy in helping her students on their journey through yoga. As an ex-dancer, she has a deeply intuitive understanding of the body and movement. With great insight she recognises the unique patterns held in each individual’s body, enabling them to take their practice deeper: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Jessica offers variations throughout her classes, making them accessible to all who are looking to advance their practice. A firm believer in the incredible power of the body, she feels yoga deepens embodied awareness, bringing peace and consciousness to the mind and greater presence to your life on and off the mat.
After leaving Rome and the world of contemporary dance in 1998, Jessica moved to London where her body and mind was reawakened through yoga. She trained as a Bikram teacher in 2006 before becoming a senior Dharma Yoga teacher in 2010. Deeply thoughtful, Jessica is always looking to develop her teaching and practice of yoga.


Jessica's Classes

Monday 10am-11.30am Dharma Yoga
Sunday 9.30am-10.30am Hot Power Hour

Katarina Rayburn

As a physics graduate and trained actress, making the transition to full time yoga teacher wasn’t the obvious choice.  However, it was after discovering a strong yang style of yoga in London, and then traveling to the Andaman Islands in India to explore the lighter practice of Sivananda yoga that she realised what an integral part of her physical and mental wellbeing it had become.  She then returned to India a year later to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People, who themselves were taught by Larry Schultz the pioneer of Rocket yoga.  Katarina then began teaching yoga full time and went on to complete her 100hr advanced Rocket teacher training in Thailand with them.  In 2016 Katarina completed 100hrs of Mandala Vinyasa and Shamanism in India and 55hrs of Yin and Anatomy in Gran Canaria again with The Yoga People who themselves trained in Yin under Paul Grilley.   This year Katarina completed her final 45hrs to bring her up to 500 hours of teacher training with her teachers Jamie and Dulce, The Yoga People.
Katarina credits practicing ballet as a child into her early teens with bringing a graceful element to her yoga.

Katarina’s public teaching schedule consists of a mixture of Rocket yoga and the Mandala Vinyasa model in her vinyasa classes, working closely with chakra and elemental theories.  In 2018 Katarina will be co-teaching on 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings with The Yoga People.


Katarina's Classes

Monday 2.30-4pm
Tuesday 4-5.30pm


London Acro Ladies, Sylvia and Katie are strong believers in lifting people as well as weights. They find that AcroYoga is the perfect accompaniment to a yoga practise as it combines strength and flexibility with the added bonus that you can socialise at the same time. Sylvia is a dancer turned yoga teacher of 9 years and Katie is gymnastics teacher of 10 years. They are both AcroYoga certified teachers who teach extensively throughout London and abroad. They love to make AcroYoga an accessible practise for all ages, sizes & levels. 

12_09_2017_INDABA_Teachers_103 copy

Katie&Sylvia's Classes

Saturday 5.30-7pm Acro Yoga

Leela Miller

Leela is one of London’s most experienced teachers, having completed the Sivananda teacher training program in 1986. Her breadth of knowledge allows her to provide beautifully balanced classes and precise instructions. She encouarges steady, grounded and mindful movement.
Leela loves the beauty, power and serenity of merging alignment, movement and breath. She weaves the precision of Iyengar alignment, the energetics of Shadow Yoga and the spiritual commitment of Sivananda into her love of Ashtanga. She truly believes in the healing power of yoga and in the transformative effects it can have on people’s bodies, minds, lives and relationships. As well as teaching yoga privately and internationally, Leela is a practicing biodynamic craniosacral therapist and studies Yoga Nidra as taught by Swami Satyananda.


Leela's Classes

3 week course:
Monday 7pm-8.30pm Yoga Basics Course
(Details on Workshops page)

Leila Sadeghee

Known for her uplifting presence and creativity, Leila’s classes are inspirational, bio-mechanically savvy, superbly fun and driven by a deep commitment to opening you to your highest potential. A yoga teacher, bodyworker and healer, Leila has well over a decade of experience in leading people to physical, mental, and emotional freedom. She leads workshops, courses, retreats, and trainings both in London and worldwide – all focused on supporting you to awaken the mystery of who you truly are so that you can live a life of joy, freedom and dedication to your greatest calling.
Leila’s dynamic classes are rich with detailed alignment cues, awesome and eclectic tunes as well as mudra, mantra, meditation, and intention setting. Students of all levels are supported in a practice designed to strengthen, stabilise and open both body and mind. Inspiration and insight is woven seamlessly into a movement practice that brings yoga to life.


Leila's Classes

Tuesday 7.15pm-8.45pm Vinyasa Flow

Leon London

Leon London’s yoga story started 20 years ago. His first practice was with Billy Doyle (BWY) and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion. Involved in martial arts from an early age, Leon has always been intrigued by the possibilities and potential of the body. This eventually led him on his journey to study many forms of physical culture; from boxing to capoeira. Leon has studied Kashmir hatha, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and rocket/progressive Ashtanga yoga.

Leon undertook Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson, then with David Kyle (Ashtanga Puerto Rico), and Jamie and Dulce (the yoga people). Leon’s students enjoy his vast knowledge of the body gained from over 20 years of experience and the fun friendly inspiring classes he shares with them. Leon also conducts successful workshops with Marcus Veda, and retreats with Ambra Vallo. He continues to teach a committed following of students in classes across London.


Leon's Classes

Wednesday 6-7.30pm Rocket Yoga
Friday 7.30-8.30am Hot Power Hour

Lizzie Reumont

Lizzie’s classes are nurturing, grounding and informative. Her years as a philosophy student and bodyworker are evident in her immense knowledge of yoga, intelligent adjustments and attention to alignment. Having undergone a liver transplant in 2013, the philosophical, anatomical and experiential knowledge of yoga helped her to overcome chronic illness and invasive surgery. Her commitment to the practices of yoga, her story and bravery is truly inspirational!
Lizzie was first drawn to yoga as a student over 25 years ago as a way of deepening her understanding of the relationship between the body and the mind. At that time she was running marathons but found that as she integrated the practices of yoga into her daily life, the profound healing benefits transpired and yoga eventually took over as her fulltime occupation. She has intently studied with a variety of internationally renowned teachers and schools including Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga, and most notably, the Jivamukti method which has led her to an advanced teacher certificate. A certified craniosacral therapist and a Rolfer®, Lizzie also offers treatments at Indaba.

Lizzie teaches a Assisting, Sequencing and Small Group Mentoring sessions based on the principles of Jivamukti.


Lizzie's Classes

Wednesday 10am-11.30am Jivamukti
Friday 4pm-5.30pm Jivamukti
Saturday 10am-11.30am Jivamukti

Louise Fitzpatrick

Louise discovered Astanga yoga in 2009, and soon developed a daily Mysore practise. She hasn’t looked back since, and continues to find daily inspiration with her teacher Hamish Hendry, with whom she is currently studying the Astanga Advanced A series. Louise also regularly studies with R. Sharath Jois in London and Mysore, India.
Louise began teaching in 2011 through the traditional method of apprenticing with her teacher. She has taught continuously since then, and is deeply grateful for the opportunity to share Astanga yoga in the traditional Mysore style.
Louise has a deep-rooted sense of awe, wonder and respect for the transformation that yoga brings. In teaching, she seeks to provide a space where students feel safe and comfortable to enjoy and explore their practise.
Louise currently studies Sanskrit alongside an M.A. in The Traditions of Yoga and Meditation, and is also a qualified Arts Psychotherapist.


Louise's Classes

Wednesday - Friday 6.30-9am Mysore Style Astanga

Michael Eley

Michael’s been doing yoga longer than pretty much anything else in his life. He went to his first class in 2001 and completed a first teacher training in 2009. He recognises that yoga means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and that yoga asanas are just the surface; they provide an entry point into something multi-dimensional, a living philosophy which is continuously adapting and evolving to the needs of the time. And we’re at a time when everyone needs yoga.
Among other things he teaches dynamic vinyasa, focusing on pranayama and alignment, with hands on adjustments. He also likes to spend much of his time upside down, and is happy to help anyone else who wants to spend their time that way too. Ultimately, he believes that yoga is for all, and that everyone can receive the same benefits that he has through consistent practice. He welcomes everyone to his class.

Michael's Classes

Thursday 7.30-8.30am Hot Power Hour

Naomi Absalom

Authentic and kind, Naomi is an inspiring teacher. Her dynamic classes express her love for playfulness and creativity within movement, her passion for music as well as her interest in form and alignment. She focuses on strong, controlled and mindful transitions so that every moment is felt and processed. 17 years of self-practice, a decade of teaching, as well as training in Thai Yoga massage inform her intuitive hands on adjustments.
Inspired by the power of community, Naomi aims to create a safe and nurturing environment where each individual connects to the presenting current of energy to become part of something much greater than themselves. Deeply passionate about teaching yoga, she leads mentoring sessions for teachers across the UK so they may learn their art from a place of  integrity and apprenticeship. Greatly indebted to the profound philosophical teachings of Sivananda which form the heart and soul of not only everything she teaches but her journey through life, Naomi’s love for the magical alchemy of vinyasa underpins her ever evolving teaching.

Naomi’s Classes

A class for exploring the infinite potential of the body and mind via a variety of practices. There is a strong focus on the energy body and the nervous system, utilising powerful and subtle breathwork for greater health and vitality. Expect creative movement often transcending the edges of asana to lead us to a richer range of possibilities in our movement; a better understanding of our mechanics (backed up by current research in anatomy), ourselves and our neurological functions, our biological and evolutionary processes.
A class for the explorers who want to get out of the box to explore with great attention the unlimited possibilities. This class is set to an exceptional soundtrack of music – expect dynamic and fluid movement, plenty of breath work, chanting, meditation and relaxation.


Naomi's Classes

Thursday 6-7.30pm

Nathalie Mukusheva

Nathalie has been practicing Yoga since 2000 and teaching full time since 2010. Before committing herself entirely to Yoga she had received extensive training in Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Floor-Barre and Contortion Training. She has always considered it her complete privilege to share every bit of knowledge she has acquired along the path with every student no matter what their level of experience. Her focus now is on delivering a teaching methodology that incorporates all the limbs of Yoga and empowers students with the tools to sustain their practice throughout their lifespan with patience, compassion and devotion to all.

Nathalie’s Classes

Yoga Open Level is ideal for those who have been practising regularly for a minimum of one year and now wants to explore classical yoga postures in more depth moving toward integration of body and breath without adhering to any particular sequence or style.


Nathalie's Classes

Wednesday 2pm-3.30pm

Norman Blair

Norman has been practicing yoga since the early 1990s and started teaching in 2001. He has years of experience in teaching yin yoga and weaves into this wonderful practice his own background of ashtanga and buddha-dharma meditation to be create a potent mix that is soothing, grounding and inspiring. He sees yoga as a beautiful way of being that will enhance your life, welcome you back to your body, release habitual tension and encourage a greater focus and quality of mind. He has trained with teachers such as Hamish Hendry, Judith Lasater, Richard Freeman, Alaric Newcombe and Sarah Powers.


Norman's Classes

Norman regularly runs workshops at Indaba

Raphan Kebe

Having trained with various schools of yoga, Raphan’s creativity and curiosity has led him to develop his own unique method. With charisma and passion, he teaches Space and Flow which is a movement modality and teaching methodology that emphasises spinal and joint integrity while understanding the role of the nervous system in growth, physical potential and well-being.
Raphan is currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Choreography and enjoys learning from the meditation found in boxing, dancing and all that is movement and health orientated. His style is influenced by a love of music, Contemporary Dance choreographers such as Lin Hwai-Min, Feldenkrais, Structural Integration (or Rolfing), Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) and Zen Buddhism.


Raphan's Classes

Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm Space and Flow
Friday 6.30pm-8pm Space and Flow
Saturday 9.30-11am Space and Flow

Rosalind Southward

A certified Forrest Yoga teacher, Ros is a creative spark who teaches dynamic, inspirational, playful classes with a sprinkling of quirkiness you won’t forget! She first started practising yoga in 2007 and has been teaching since 2011. Ros was the first Forrest Yoga teacher in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and after 11 years living overseas moved back to the UK to teach yoga full time in 2012. She now also assists Ana Forrest at her workshops and trainings. Ros has used Forrest yoga to help heal her herniated disc and handle anxiety; she’s a strong believer in the healing power of the breath. Her mantra is “which bit of this can I do?” and she seeks to help her students to explore their own capacity to develop their potential both on and off the mat. As a runner she is also interested in how Yoga can support athletics and prevent injury


Rosalind's Classes

Tuesday 10.30am-12pm Forrest Yoga
Wednesday 6-7.30pm Forrest Yoga
Friday 2-3.30pm Forrest Yoga

Saskia Vidler

Saskia’s classes are enriched by her passion and excellent hand-ons adjustments. She sees yoga as a tool to helping others live fuller and more profound lives. Her approach is organic, focused on each individual’s needs and the development of healthy body mechanics, alignment and awareness.
Saskia began practising yoga in 1999. In 2000 she discovered the Ashtanga system, which quickly became her staple practice. She travelled to Mysore in 2003 to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Rangaswamy. Following a motorcycle accident, Saskia was inspired to use her own yoga practice as a remedial tool and to learn more about the therapeutic power of yoga. She remained in Mysore for five years, studying daily with Pattabhi Jois who authorised her to teach the Ashtanga system in 2005.


Saskia's Classes

Monday 4pm-5.30pm Vinyasa Flow
Saturday 11.15am-1.15pm Ashtanga

Shimmy Levy-Riley

Shimmy’s teaching is gentle and kind, encouraging and nurturing. With a smile and love for teaching, she seeks to instil a sense of lightness and ease in students, whilst helping them to connect with their bodies and minds. She creates sequences that suit the energy and level of each class, whilst challenging and inspiring students to honour their abilities and presence on and off the mat. She believes that in both life and teaching one should be grounded but light, dedicated, mindful, aware and understanding of personal limitations that are inherent in each individual.
Shimmy experienced her first yoga class in 2003 and knew from then on that she wanted to share the benefits of the practice through teaching. She has never looked back since. After years of an established practice, Shimmy completed a Yoga Alliance RTY500 Astanga Vinyasa Teacher Training with Julie Martin & Melanie Cooper at Brahmani Yoga Goa, India, in 2009. Trained to teach Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Shimmy also teaches Restorative classes having trained with Jodi Boone.


Shimmy's Classes

Monday 10am-11.30pm Beginners Yoga
Tuesday 6pm-7pm Beginners Yoga
Wednesday 10am-11.30am Beginners Yoga
Sunday 10.45am-12.15pm Beginners Yoga

6 week courses:
Tuesday 7.15-8.45pm Yoga Basics Course
Thursday 6-7.15pm Pregnancy Yoga
(Details on Workshops page)

3 week course:
Thursday 7.30pm-8.45pm Headstand Course
(Details on Workshops page)

Simon Turner

Simon teaches Iyengar with precision, intelligence and humour. A highly experienced and knowledgable teacher, he is currently studying for his Senior Intermediate assessment.
Simon first studied with the Iyengar family in Pune in 1993 and attended regular classes and workshops with Corinne and Faeq Biria whilst living in Paris. He began his Introductory Teacher Training with Alaric Newcombe in 2003 and passed the Level 3 Junior Intermediate assessment in 2010.


Simon's Classes

Monday 6pm-7.30pm Iyengar
Sunday 5pm-6.30pm Iyengar

Sindy Haque

Sindy strongly believes if she can do yoga, anyone can do yoga. After years of battering her body through high impact sports such as athletics and volleyball, she had been through the mill physically. After surviving the 2004 tsunami, Sindy had suffered quite a lot of trauma in her body and mind. After messing around trying some “yoga moves” on a beach in Thailand, a friend suggested she try it for real. It was the first time after years of anxiety problems that she felt a sense of calm, how her body changed was an added bonus.
Sindy has been teaching Yoga full-time since 2009 and also qualified as a personal trainer in 2015. She’s always looking to educate herself further so she can deepen her knowledge, stay connected and teach her students to the very best of her ability. In 2016 she completed Stewart Gilchrist’s 500hour teacher training with Yoga Alliance. Sindy welcomes all students to her class and asks them to come without expectations but with an open mind and heart.

Sindy copy

Sindy's Classes

Monday 12.30-1.30pm Hot Power Hour

Steffy White

Playful, honest and creative is how Steffy likes to describe her classes.  After working as an actress in TV and theatre, Steffy turned to yoga in a time of ups and downs to create some steady space for herself when everything else was uncertain.  After many years of practicing and a career change, Steffy decided to venture to India to begin her yoga teacher training which was the biggest and best decision of her life to date.  Since completing her first 200 hours ashtanga and rocket teacher training in India, she has gone on to study 100 hours of mandala vinyasa and 200 hours of yin yoga.  Now with over 500 hours of study and four years of full time teaching in London, Steffy is committed to learning and practicing in order to share through teaching. Steffy is the founder of White Light Yoga retreats and teaches yoga all around the world.  She is forever grateful to her teachers Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People) for all that they have given her and to all the beings who have stepped foot into her classes and life, who continue to teach her every single day.


Steffy's Classes

Wednesday 7.30-8.30am

Stewart Gilchrist

Stewart is known throughout London for his popular,innovative, authentic and dynamic classes. He infuses his high energy and challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, as well as his unique charisma, politics and humour. His classes include an emphasis on breath, vinyasa and philosophy with strong physical adjustments. Stewart applies the original teachings of yoga to the modern world to create a thought-provoking class.

Having trained in ashtanga and as a Jivamukti teacher Stewart’s spiritual journey led him to train all over the world with teachers who have had a profound effect on his unique style of teaching. He offers his eternal gratitude to all his teachers: Sabel Thaim, Jennifer Dale, Hamish, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Swami Niramalanda and Sri K Patthabi Jois.


Stewart's Classes

Monday 6pm-7.30pm & 7.45pm-9.15pm
Tuesday & Thursday 10.30am-12pm
Sunday 11am-12.30pm

Sylvia Garcia

Coming from a strong Ashtanga background and inspired by her teacher David Swenson, Sylvia has taken a huge amount from this practise which she passes on to her students with care, compassion and humour.

She has practised many other styles over the years including Dharma Yoga, Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Acro Yoga as well as circus based handstands and acrobatics. She also practises and teaches Yoga Nidra on a regular basis. Sylvia teaches classes and workshops across London and holds annual Yoga retreats in Devon and other venues.

As well as being a teacher, she remains a student of yoga learning from many different teachers and practitioners and maintaining a daily self practise.


Sylvia's Classes

Tuesday 2-3.30pm