Corporate offerings

Why not serve your next company 'Happy Hour' or lunch break on the yoga mat?

Good physical and mental wellbeing is vital for productivity at work.

Both your business and your employees will benefit by our corporate offers and yoga will be a part of into your daily work routine and your wellness program.

We want companies to prioritise their employees’ wellbeing so we have launched Indaba’s Workplace Wellness scheme. This enables companies to provide employees with a 15% discount on class packs and monthly unlimited passes.

If you are an HR/Wellness manager and want to be a part of this programme, email us at or fill our application form below.


Why not using it to practice yoga?

A regular yoga practice reduces stress, activates your immunity, releases tight muscles, increases positivity and productivity!

By being present “in the moment” you’ll learn to control your mind so you can focus on the task at hand.

Click the button below and follow these three simple steps.

  1. Log in to your account or create a new one.

  2. Click on Make a purchase and look for gift cards.

  3. Select Corporate Wellness Allowance and choose a custom amount matching your company’s allowance.

Overview of scheme 

  • All employees at your company can benefit from Indaba Yoga Studio’s reduced rates for class packs and monthly passes.

  • Employees who have never practiced at Indaba Yoga Studio before, can first take our 30 days Introductory offer for £30 (no extra discount on this).

  • Employees can register online via our website or fill out a new joiner form at the studio. 

  • They need to show their valid pass at reception or use the log in links we will provide you.

  • Any enquiries staff have they can email