We have a variety of classes perfectly tailored for beginners or for those that have been practicing for years.

Beginners Yoga

Embark on your yoga journey in a nurturing and informative environment. You will practice alongside those of similar ability so there is no need for nerves! No need to bring anything, just your bare feet, comfy and loose fitting clothing along with a willing attitude!

These classes will introduce you to the central postures of yoga, their names and correct alignment principles. You will the learn the breathing techniques while strengthening your body, increasing mobility, building your confidence and opening your mind. Expect to leave both energised and at ease in body and mind. We strongly advise new students attend Beginners classes or our 6 week Basics courses so you can learn the fundamentals of yoga in a safe atmosphere.

Yin Yoga

Enter into a deep state of relaxation and release. Melt away your worries and create space in your body, mind and life.

In this subtle yet profound practice, you will develop inner awareness and serenity as you ease into reclined or seated postures. Holding these healing and prop-supported poses for 3 minutes or more will open the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints, unravelling areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice can not always access. Observe your feelings without identifying with them as you move into stillness, peace and attentiveness.

Forrest Yoga

An inspiring, grounding and deeply healing yoga practice. Guided by the breath, this intelligent sequencing will build your flexibility and strength while relieving tension.

Forrest Yoga is taught at a temperature between 25-30 degrees and has a strong focus on core strength. Expect to work with postures unique to this style, breathe deep, hold the poses for that tad bit longer, release stress and truly connect to your self with compassion and interest. Suitable for those working with injuries, it is a therapeutic practice both emotionally and physically.

Hot Power Hour

Open to all levels, this fun and flowing vinyasa class is taught in a heated room (31-35 degrees) with great tunes!

Our eco-friendly heating panels provide a sweet sweat and enable your muscles to lengthen, while you flow with the music through an ever changing sequence of postures. Practice first thing in the morning and start your day with a blast of energy, or burn off some steam during your lunch break. You will leave physically content and mentally nourished. An hour a day keeps the doctor away!

Space and Flow

A movement-based class that incorporates yoga, contemporary dance and martial arts. This somatic practice will cultivate strength while improving flexibility and well-being. It will promote spinal and joint health while improving your focus and body-mind awareness.

Set to music in a heated room, these dynamic and intelligently choreographed sequences are unique to this open level class. While building strength and mobility, you will question and deepen your relationship with movement, the ground, your body, breath, mind and self.


Learn to trust and let go in our playful AcroYoga class, where the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of the healing arts are blended into one.

AcroYoga will include a combination of asana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions, therapeutic and acrobatic flying! No prior knowledge or partner is required. You just need enthusiasm and energy! Open to all levels and ages, AcroYoga welcomes everyone with open arms, modifications and variations.


Ashtanga is a vigorous system of yoga developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). A set of increasingly challenging postures that link breath with dynamic movement, building strength, flexibility and focus. Ashtanga translates as “eight limbs” which is the yogic path to enlightenment described by the great sage Patanjali in his seminal text the Yoga Sutras.

You will be guided through the Primary Series and given adjustments and modifications as and when necessary. As you synchronise your breath with this flowing sequence and become familiar with the Ashtanga series, your mind will move into a meditative and calm state while your body becomes stronger and more mobile.

Jivamukti Yoga

Passionate about communicating yoga as a physical practice that is also intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting, David Life and Sharon Gannon created Jivamukti Yoga in 1984. Since then the method has spiralled into an internationally renowned style which embodies yoga as a living translation of the Indian system in a way that western minds can comprehend.

These dynamic, beautifully sequenced, musically accompanied asana classes are infused with meditation, devotional chanting and the study of the ancient texts and philosophy. Based on principles of Ahimsa (non-violence), Bhakti (devotion), Dhyana (meditation), Nada (sound), Shastra (scriptures), they will help you find ‘liberation while living’ (the transliteration of jivanmuktih).

Kundalini Yoga and Gong Bath

Kundalini Yoga is an efficient, dynamic and integrated system that awakens our latent creative potential and directs energy flow through asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), mudra (hand positions), meditation (to focus the mind) and mantra (sound formulas to elevate our vibrational frequency).

Classes are always different as each session works with specific organs, meridians, chakras, mental and emotional bodies to release blocks, promote balance and access the source of our vitality. Some sessions may be more meditative and others physically challenging. Every class at Indaba with Angad includes a deep relaxation with gong to integrate the process. This ancient practice of yoga enables us to have an experience of our essential self. Open to all.

Mysore Style Astanga Yoga

Developed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, this traditional method will deepen your understanding of yoga, develop your focus and discipline while enabling you taking responsibility for your own practice.

An invaluable way of learning for beginners through to advanced practitioners, each student is individually taught the increasingly challenging Astanga Series. The teacher does not lead the class as a group by calling out the poses, but will instead introduce you to new asanas as you master the preceding postures in the sequence. Over time you will naturally commit the series to memory, but the teacher will always be there to prompt you, adjust and assist.

Vinyasa Flow

‘Vinyasa’ means ‘placing with awareness’. In these open-level classes, you will synchronise breath and movement as you flow through the postures and transitions.

Dynamic and open to all, these varied classes are defined by the teacher’s background and style, and may include meditation and spiritual discourse, exploration of alignment and energetics or the practice of inversions. All Vinyasa Flow classes will focus the mind, build strength and flexibility and leave you feeling energised and inspired.

Iyengar Yoga

Created by B. K. S. Iyengar (1918-2014), this style of yoga is characterised by a focus on precise alignment. This informative practice will improve your body awareness and understanding of the postures.

In these General Level classes, the teacher will use detailed instructions, demonstrations and hands-on adjustments, to lead you through a handful of postures, introducing the positioning and anatomical principles of each pose. Props function as supports allowing you to experience the postures fully. Not for complete beginners. Some Yoga experience is required.


Our fun, open-level Pilates classes will awaken muscles you didn’t know you had! A beautiful method in itself as well as a great complement to your yoga practice.

Strengthening and toning, these low-impact, mat exercises build body awareness and are invaluable for optimal health, injury recovery, sports performance and good posture. If you have a tendency to collapse in certain yoga poses or your abs just can’t handle navasana, these classes will show you the light! (Not suitable during pregnancy)

Dharma Yoga

Based on the teachings of beloved yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, these classes are recommended for those with some experience of dynamic yoga. You do not need able to achieve all of the postures, just come with a willingness to try new things and be inspired!

This challenging yet playful practice includes balances, twists, stretches, back bends and inversions. You will attempt handstands, forearm balances, headstand variations and unique vinyasas. Although Dharma is a very physical practice, it is also a deeply spiritual journey that will introduce you to the many facets of yoga including pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas (purification techniques), mudras (hand gestures) and meditation.

Rocket Yoga

A fun and vigorous vinyasa flow, thought to be the original power yoga. Created by Larry Shultz, the Rocket system is a remix of the Astanga Primary and Intermediate Series, designed to make the practice accessible to all and ‘get you there faster’! Come Rock-et!

Sweat out your worries and cares as you link movement and breath while strengthening your body. Awaken your abs, improve your flexibility and fitness while flowing with the music into a state of calm and clarity! Modifications will be offered throughout making this fun class, full of classical poses, accessible to all!


A vigorously invigorating vinyasa flow. Deeply physical but also spiritual, these high energy classes will include music and hands-on adjustments. For those with a strong practice.

As you sweat your way through fast paced vinyasa, you will challenge your stamina but leave feeling rejuvenated, energised and connected with your inner self. Co-ordinating movement with breath, these classes will stimulate your cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as your sense of fun. Warning: may produce elation!


Meditation will allow you to become more present and centred in your life, helping you to discover greater peace and contentment. Connect to that place of stillness within you and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

When you sit in meditation, you watch your thoughts and emotions come and go without judgement. This allows you to understand yourself: your hopes, fears and thought patterns, but also enables you to reach into the space between thoughts. When you cease to identify with every feeling or belief that arises, you connect with your true, unconditioned self. This awareness will translate into your life as a greater sense of calm, reduced stress and anxiety, improved well-being and a deeper spiritual connection.


Breathing is the most vital process in the body and is fundamental to your yoga practice. Breathing techniques are therefore one of the eight limbs or facets of yoga.

In this meditative class you will explore a range of breathing techniques that will strengthen your respiratory system and yoga practice. Pranayama will allow you to direct your prana or energy, gain mastery of the mind and purify the body. Open to all, this class enables you to consciously control the inhalation, retention and exhalation of your breath. No previous experience is required.

Yoga Basics Course

We offer beginners courses for those embarking on their yoga journey. With only 8 students enrolled on each course, this an intimate learning environment, perfect for asking questions and building confidence.

Our 4 week beginners courses focuses on building a basic knowledge of the yoga postures while improving body awareness and breath control. Each week new postures and principles will be introduced, while strengthening your body, increasing mobility and opening your mind. Expect to leave both energised and at ease in body and mind.

Pregnancy Yoga

Practising yoga throughout your pregnancy is a wonderful gift for both yourself and your unborn baby. Prenatal yoga will help you be in the best possible mental and physical shape for birth and beyond! Before commencing, consult your doctor, especially if you have had any complications in your pregnancy, including a history of miscarriage. Recommended from week 13 until birth.

In this nurturing four week course, you will be led through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), positions for labour and relaxation techniques. Troublesome ailments such as back pain will be addressed. This course will relieve tension, increase your strength, stamina and flexibility, while also helping you deal with stress and anxiety. Treasure this quiet time set aside for your practice as a sanctuary for you to connect with the baby growing inside you.