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Anti Gravity with Ambra Vallo


Break throughthe boundaries of your practice and start to test the realms of anti-gravity!

In this workshopwe will work on loosingthe fear of going upside down, develop an understanding of the exercises and drills to help us build strength and stability in inversions. Most important we will learn that floating is not about just strength and brute force; it’s about technique.

In a safe and fun environmentwe will test new heights, learn to drop safely, find control, but more importantly, you will venture towards the yogic Holy Grail; the Secret to Floating.

We will spendingtime learning many basic techniques used to find that initial press as well as fun presses to handstand from arm balances such as Crow, One-legged crow and Firefly. Whether you walked out of the womb an yourhands or are completely new to being upside down this workshop will support you on your journey. Inversions are a great place to build trust upside down,while practicingpatience and playfulness.

Open to All Levels

£35 | £60 Full Weekend

For Members

£31.50 | £54 Full Weekend

*thisincludes all direct debit memberships