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Calling all yoga teachers!

Wednesday 22nd May & Thursday 23rd May | 9:00am-5:30pm

As a yoga teacher an understanding of functional anatomy is critical to being able to identify weak and under-functioning muscles and which yoga poses to use to engage them, build strength and flexibility. This 2 day experiential learning course focuses on the 12 structural muscles that protect the spine and hold the skeleton in place. This Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology module is 2 days in duration and will provide all students with the ability to perform many muscle testing and correction techniques to complement your full body Yoga massage.

This module led by Jambo will go even deeper into the anatomy of postures and inter-relationships of the muscular skeletal systems. These structural muscles are underused in our modern day living and underworked in most of our physical activity, yet have a huge relationship to the nervous system and functional movement.

By gaining a full understanding of anatomy you will be better placed to support your students and grow their practice.

  • Understand what these key muscles do, how they interact, and how pain and injury can result when they're not functioning properly

  • In yourself and with partners, identify, examine and test these key muscles for function or weakness

  • Experience using these muscles in poses -

Learn how to activate them and improve their flexibility through yoga

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JOURNEY TO BEING: THROUGH BREATH, MOVEMENT & SOUND with Rebecca Dennis, Jambo Truong & Michele Barocchi
to May 27

JOURNEY TO BEING: THROUGH BREATH, MOVEMENT & SOUND with Rebecca Dennis, Jambo Truong & Michele Barocchi


A Transformational weekend led by highly trained facilitators, Jambo, Rebecca Dennis & Michele Barocchi. Within this unique event and collaboration, we will be showing you how to set your own pillars of protection toenable a safe navigation for deep healing. Using the modalities that we share, you can gather tools that are right for you as you prepare, go deep, integrate your unfolding and return to wholeness. 
Most of us have experienced mental, emotional or physical trauma on some level, which can restrict our breathing and capacity to feel. The resulting body armouring and muscular tension can endure and manifest over the years. By consciously integrating trauma through a combination of somatic techniques, sound, movement, bodywork, meditation and ceremony participants will gain a greater sense of connection, embodiment, expansion and freedom in their every day lives. 
On this transformative weekend, as a collective, we will create a safe environment for you to explore, connect and let go of the armour that is keeping you from living fully. 
You will be guided each day through experiences that free your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Learn about your own unique breathing pattern and how it affects your life. Work with your intentions to create change in your life. Leave with tools and support to continue your experience on this transformative path. 
Transformational Breath uses a connected breath pattern that awakens the wisdom and healing possibilities found within the breath and combined with these other powerful modalities provides profound results. By exploring techniques through breath, yoga, bodywork, sound & ceremony, you will: 

Learn to reclaim your body and be in the present moment:

  • Learn about your breath patterns and explore techniques to transform them, through movement, sound and body work; 

  • See how emotions get stuck in the body and learn about the scientific evidence and research that supports how the nervous system and breath respond to trauma. 

  • As a collective, we will create Ceremonies to hold you and the group in a safe and nurturing space. 

  • You will experience the difference between practicing “thinking mode versus feeling mode” and learn effective ways to strengthen your ability to hold attention and discern deeper levels of feeling. 

Make choices, take action, and create your own rhythm so that the magic of Life can support you. 

This weekend is limited in numbers so please book early!

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to Jul 27



Manifest a week of pure yoga magic all set in the beauty of Puglia, Southern Italy, enjoying ‘la dolce vita’!

This immersion is a light and fun way for students to gain a more in-depth knowledge of all aspects of yoga. Alongside a daily full asana practice, meditation and pranayama, you will learn the correct alignment of poses, focus on anatomy, learn yoga philosophy and explore aspects of yoga such as the energetic and subtle body.

Hosted by Indaba’s 200hr YTT lead teacher Ambra Vallo, her fun and spontaneous teaching follows the lineages of Dharma, Ashtanga, Forrest and Rocket yoga.

Our breathtaking location is the ‘Agricola Samadhi’, a last generation organic farmhouse located in southern Puglia complete with yoga shala, organic kitchen garden, spa and swimming pool just 20 minutes from the most beautiful beaches. There is also lots of activities such as horse riding, biking, trekking and sailing to try locally.

Freshly prepared brunches and dinners are served almost exclusively with seasonal ingredients from the organic garden or other local organic products. Each meal will be served on the sunny terrace overlooking the land where the organic fruit, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil are grown. The farm prides itself on serving fresh sattvic vegetarian and vegan dishes to help you feel light, balanced and energised during your holiday.


The Programme

You arrive on Saturday and the first class will be Sunday morning and the last class will be the Friday afternoon. The six days of yoga consist of a daily 4 hour class each morning (with a break) and an hour long yoga lecture each afternoon. Each day there will be meditation, pranayama, a full physical practice, kriyas, focus on correct alignment of poses, yoga anatomy and a different focus in the lecture such as yoga philosophy, mythology and the yogic body.


Lead Teacher Ambra Vallo

She is a former principal ballerina with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. She turned to yoga on a path to recovery from injuries and slowly over the years she fell in love with the more subtle, spiritual parts of the practice. Retiring from dance allowed her the time to focus on her passion and to undertake further training in Ashtanga Vinyasa (500hrs), Dharma Yoga (800hrs), Rocket Yoga (500hrs), Forrest Yoga (200hrs and Advance TT), Tripsichore (200hrs), and Gokul Vinyasa Yoga (300hrs).

Ambra’s teaching is fun and spontaneous following the lineage of Larry Shultz, Ana Forrest, and Sri Dharma Mittra.

Since she retired from professional ballet she has been teaching regularly in teacher training courses, and has worked with athletes such as Aston Villa Football Club where she uses yoga to drive better performance. Her aim is to guide others so they may also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga to the body, mind and soul.


Indaba Yoga Immersion rates (inc VAT) 6 days of classes (5 hours of classes and study per day)

  • £600 Early bird booked before 1st May

  • £650 Full price booked after 1st May

Yoga in Salento accommodation rates per person 7 nights (inc VAT)

  • Triple room with private bathroom (based on 3 people sharing) € 559

  • Double room with shared bathroom (based on 2 people sharing*) € 579

  • Double room with private bathroom (based on 2 people sharing*) € 719

  • Single occupancy of a single room € 898

*Single occupancy of a double room supplement € 259

Yoga in Salento - Immersion Location

Please contact Yoga in Salento directly to enquire and book accommodation info@yogainsalento.com

Please note... Flights and transfers are not included.

As YIS is an association, it is mandatory that all students are members, the cost is €20 per person to cover insurance fees.

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Breath and Movement Gathering in Conichan
to Mar 10

Breath and Movement Gathering in Conichan

Alchemy of Breath

8 - 10 March 2019, Scotland

Our Farmhouse in an idyllic location is waiting for you to have a rejuvenating weekend

Conichan is a charming 300 year old farmhouse nestled on the north bank of the River Almond halfway up the Sma Glen. The traditional farm steadings have recently been converted into a stylish house.

With the most magical of settings, Conichan is the ideal location to get away from it all. Conichan is at the centre of the West Glenalmond Estate, which stretches over 6,500 acres of spectacular countryside.


To give attendees a toolbox of skills they can use to improve their immune system and wellbeing and learn how to include them in everyday practice.

Other subjects covered

  • Water

  • Nutrition

  • Electro-magnetics

    The mind



  • 7.30pm Buffet dinner on arrival.

  • 8.30pm Introductory talk about what will happen over the course of the weekend.


  • 6.30am Wake-up exercises, cleanses (Kriya), Pranayama, Meditation and preparatory exercises incorporating Hatha Yoga, Chi Gung and other movement modalities.

  • 9.00am Breakfast

  • 10.30am Wild Walk

  • 1.00pm Lunch

  • 2.00pm Break

  • 4.00pm Hof method and Cold immersion.

  • 7.00pm Dinner

  • 8.30pm Combined Discussion and evening Meditation with specific guidance and any questions people have had during the day.


  • 6.30am Meditation and Morning Hof Immersion, further Refinement of Breath Practice 9.00am Breakfast

  • 10.30am Walk

  • 12.30pm Lunch

  • 2.30pm Bedding in practices into daily routines.


Dr Anthony Soyer and Tomasz Joka share a common passion for Yoga, resilience training and optimal human function. The retreat will be made up of two approaches to empowerment.

Firstly, Anthony will give an introduction to medical research into the Science of Breath, explaining how we can use different systems of breathing to balance and heal the body. This will include full Pranayama practice including some of the following breathing techniques: Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati and Kumbhaka.

Secondly, Tomasz will discuss and teach the principles of Hof Breathwork including cold water exposure.

Together they will also discuss techniques to cleanse, strengthen the biochemistry and repair physical damage. This extended personal time will allow extensive discussion in all areas of health including the psychology of health.


Per person £375

Includes all activities accommodation (shared twin room) pick-up / drop-off food


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