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Myofascial Bodywork & Forrest Yoga- The Neck & Shoulderswith Brian Campbell

The neck and shoulders are major trouble spots that store and hold lots of tension. The first part of this workshop is a 60 minute Forrest Yoga class sequenced to address neck and shoulder issues with highlights on variations specific to problematic issues.

The second part of the workshop is focused on using MyoFascial Bodywork, a hands-on form of therapeutic deep-tissue massage, to detect where and how tension loads in the neck and shoulders and how to release it with our hands. No experience is necessary.

Brian will guide you through demonstrations of the techniques and teach you how to trust and “turn-on” your hands. Bring a friend with you so you can learn news to connect and feel really good at the same time. You can also come alone, you will be partnered up at the class. This workshop is for everybody, including the injured and structurally tweaky. You do not need to have healthy shoulders or neck to benefit.

Single Workshop £40 | Full Weekend £75

For Members
Singe Workshop £36 | Full Weekend £64.50
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