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Internationally renown Contortionist and Coach Jonathan Nosan returns to Indaba with his CONTORTURE® Workshop: BackBend from The Front to Contort.

Relaxed Engagement, Release, Control, and Expansiveness roots the Flexility of Strength as we smarten the hips and core to new levels of burning and connectivity. Alignment of hips, sucking of gut, tucking of tailbones, and corkscrewing will quickly become your keyword mantras as a stick becomes your guide and sometimes crutch and cane.

Proper Breath Sequencing will prepare you to integrate your breath for a new control of hanging backbends, waterfalls (aka “dropbacks”) and ultimately getting thy heels over head in joy.

Headstands, Forearm Stands and Handstands will be worked through a controlled counterbalance and new attention towards the pyramidalis and placement of mind focus for body achievement. The magic happens when combining the pains and pleasures of connected and controlled backbending with controlled inversions to find your Personal CONTORTURE®.

We’ll work on weight transfers from feet to hands and finding an ease in and out of contorted poses with the when and where of breath. In the final hour you will have an opportunity to work on attaining personal Pose Goals, Sequencing, and a general awakening of body and brain and perhaps a bit of soul stirring. Possible things to look forward to: Mountain, Crocodile, Contortion Handstand, Scales, M, Cheststand, Split Pullovers and more…all with perfect alignment (of course).